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To the world of AYA Educational Institute - Research, Education, Counseling and Consultations, Leadership and Organizational Development.

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Get to Know AYA...

AYA Educational Institute is an African-Centered Educational Institute for youth and adults. Founded in 1998, our full-day school serves middle and high school-aged students online throughout the country (and the world!)

We are also the home of the famed Warrior, Healer, Builder training and toolset for adults, organizations, and beyond. 

Introducing the
"Melanin Healing Science" Collection

Inspired by AYA's Melanin Mbongi Tour

AYA Educational Institute educates to heal alienation. For many of us, we're not just alienated from our culture, but from subjects like Math & Science, too. For the last few years, AYA has used Melanin to heal our alienation from Science, and we're on a mission! Led by Baba Wekesa Madzimoyo - our middle and high school-aged scholars have studied, not only, the benefits of melanin but the science behind it.


Our Melanin Mbongis, happening in four cities across the country (+ Tanzania), are bringing this "healing science" to folks everywhere. Celebrate your Melanin, and the healing science behind it, by rocking a signature piece from our new collection. Each purchase supports our school and our efforts. Mo!​


Want to learn more about AYA's Melanin Healing Science Mbongis? Click Here.


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