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WHB - Baltimore - Warriors, Healers, & Builders


$499 - $1,499


Fri., April 12th - Sun. 14th, 2024


About the Course

Warriors | Healers | Builders -

Personal & Leadership Development - Communication & Conflict Resolution

Welcome to the Douglass/Tubman Freedom City edition of the Warrior, Healer, Builder retreat and the WHB journey. This is a journey for Afrikan people. This is a safe place to be Afrikan. This retreat is for those who are currently or plan to work with and for our people. The concepts and tools presented here are to help you succeed in that work by increasing your awareness and skill in all three areas. The concepts are simply profound and simply explained. The time is spent in reflection, discovery and practice giving you time to develop the skill of application to transform your situation.

Bring your questions, your power, your tears, your fears, your confidence and your confusion. Bring your relationships, your organizational victories and your blockages.

Prsented by AYA Educational  Institute For those working with and for our people!

Your Instructor

Wekesa & Afiya Madzimoyo, Kemet Mawakana, Nia Rutherford

Wekesa & Afiya Madzimoyo, Kemet Mawakana, Nia Rutherford
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